Already, hundreds of vehicles have passed their MOT test through Dunnington Motor Care.

However we have just got our very own MOT ramp and equipment installed and are now an official MOT Testing Station.

Our specialist ATA trained and VOSA qualified testers are experts at ensuring vehicles are inspected to the highest standards, and issued with their MOT certificates with no hassle for only £40.00

Should your vehicle need a little help to pass its test, you can be assured that almost all repairs can be carried out on site the very same day. We always endeavor to return your vehicle to you as quickly as possible.

Any repairs and charges will be notified to you in advance, so you will never receive any nasty surprises!

We have a warm and comfortable waiting area, complete with TV screen for MOT viewing, should you wish to wait. (We also have books and toys for any little people that should need to come with you!) 


Free vehicle re-tests are also available within 10 working days, subject to VOSA terms and conditions:

To avoid the most common causes of MOT failure, why not check out our tips on our Facebook page?


In the economies recent climate, it has never been as important to watch your spending. However, when it comes to your vehicle you may be surprised to learn that prevention is more often than not, cheaper than the cure!

Having a regular service on your vehicle has many benefits which easily outweigh the cost, as faults are often picked up at the earliest stages and preventative action can be taken.

It is cheaper to have your car serviced at regular intervals rather than wait for something expensive to break and need replacing. Not only this, you can also save money in the long run as regular services will optimise the performance of your vehicle which assists with fuel efficiency.

It is easy to maximise the lifespan and value of your vehicle through regular servicing. Our technicians are factory trained on most makes and models, as well has being ATA certified. You also have the added reassurance that we only use the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment.

We are proud to have built a reputation built on providing a friendly, straight forward and honest service to our customers.

With every service we will stamp your service book and supply you with a service sheet, detailing exactly what we have done. 

If you have a newer car and have an online service record, don't fear, we can keep these updated too. Currently Jaguar, Land Rover and Mazda but we are striving to register with all manufacturers so we can keep everyone's service records up to date. After all, a complete service history can help increase the value of your car.

Why pay up to 70% more at a main dealership or second party?* Prices quoted at main dealerships are up to 70% more expensive than our car servicing, so why not give us a call on 01904 481818 for a quote?

It is important to know also that our servicing will not affect any manufacturer's warranty!

All we require is your vehicle make, model and registration number.


Interim Service (optional, but is recommended to be completed every 10,000 miles or every 6 months)

Full Service

For further information on what is included in each service, please email

Interim Service Full Service
General 2 liter, 4 cylinder vehicle and under £80.00 + VAT
Bigger vehicles may require an individual quote.
General 2 liter, 4 cylinder vehicle and under £160.00 + VAT
Bigger vehicles may require an individual quote.

We always use manufacturer's specified oil required for your vehicle, and we always use OE parts.

*Based on independent research of 100 dealerships carried out in March 2012.


Dunnington Motor Care are now offering valeting services. A full list of the service we provide are shown below:

Full valet includes:

Ultimate showroom finish includes:

Prices start as little as £50.00

Ask at reception for more details... You won't be disappointed!

We also sell gift vouchers for Valets should you wish to treat somebody, they make a perfect present for any occasion!


Do you have an unsettling noise coming from your engine, or have a light on your dashboard come up?

Dunnington Motor Care have the skills and the tools to diagnose the problem and get you back on the road safely and as quickly as possible! We only use the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment.

As an ATA registered garage, we are able to carry our all kinds of vehicle repairs utilising our factory trained expertise including:

We also provide free brake, tyre, exhaust and seasonal checks on your vehicles upon request! Call 01904 481818 to book yours now!

Cam belts

Car cam belts or timing belts are an essential part of your engine, as they help to drive lots of vital components such as your cam shaft.

Cam belts get worn down over time, raising the risk that they might snap. When this happens, it's extremely important to replace your drive belt, as your car will break down very quickly without it.

Different manufacturer's recommend that cam belts are changed at different, but regular intervals due to the fact that if they do break, repair bills can easily run into thousands.

However, this hefty bill can be easily avoided from as little as £300.00. Dunnington Motor Care even provide free timing and cam belt assessments with a no obligation quote.

Unfortunately, repairs resulting from broken cam belts are one of our most common bookings, so why not call 01904 481818 today and allow us to prevent anything serious from happening to your vehicle?

Air Conditioning

Did you know that your heating and air conditioning system in your car is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria!? You may be finding that it's not working as well as you remember, or maybe it smells a bit fusty?

Germs cause nasty cold and flu like symptoms and you may be at risk of exposing yourself and any passengers to these germs.

You are able to get the filters renewed and your air conditioning system serviced and sanitised.

At Dunnington Motor Care we only use the best and latest equipment to complete air conditioning fault diagnosis, repairs and services.

An air conditioning service starts from only £45.00 + vat for a re-gas or £60.00 + vat for a full service including a new cabin filter and air conditioning anti bacterial treatment. Book today by calling 01904 481818

Brakes & Tyres

If you are ever in any doubt about the state of your brakes, we provide a no-obligation free brake check. Our specialist ATA, factory trained technicians will check your brake pads, shoes and discs and will advise you on any parts which are unsafe and need replacing.

Hitting a curb or driving at speed through a pothole can result in wheel misalignment. Poorly aligned wheels can affect road holding, increase fuel consumption and decrease the life of your tyres.

If you spot the signs of misaligned wheels - such as uneven wear on your tyres, we can arrange a wheel alignment to correct the problem.

We also have great prices on all tyres ranging from budget to premium quality and all our prices include fitting - no hidden extras!

Simply book your tyre replacement with us on 01904 481818 at a time convenient to you to have them fitted, and let our ATA, factory trained technicians do the rest.

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